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NBYSA Partners With Pushlocal

07/11/2013, 9:00pm AKDT

Get field status and weather updates delivered to your smartphone



NBYSA Partners with pushlocal

NBYSA has partnered with Pushlocal to improve our communication and effectivness in getting notifications out to all of our soccer families. We will use Pushlocal to send out weather alerts, field closures, schedule changes and any other important information.

Connect with the businesses and organizations in your community you care about. Follow your favorite restaurants, bars, and shops + non-businesses like churches, non-profits, or clubs. Pushlocal gives each of these entities their "own" mobile app and combines them into one platform for easy discovery.

Aren't you tired of daily deals? It's time for less gimmicks and more information and engagement. That's what Pushlocal does. It keeps you engaged with your community by delivering the stuff you want to hear about.

To receive the latest updates, follow us on Pushlocal for Iphone, Pushlocal for Android

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