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Forms & Documents


There are two parts to the process: 1) online (for payment) and 2) paperwork.

You can find the online registration at this link:

Choose the correct level of play (Division 1 or Super II), on the 3rd page and select your method of payment. 

For paperwork, you can go to the NB Ajax website and download what you need:   
There you will find a checklist of the items needed.  I need a COMMITTMENT FORM from everyone for the new year, but only missing documents for the others (including a copy of a birth certificate).  You can see the documents I have for your player when you log into your GotSoccer player account.  Under PROFILE/CLUB DOCUMENTS.  You can turn in paperwork to the club beginning the first week in June - online registration can be done now.  

(please note that your player's roster spot is not guaranteed until you register and make the commitment fee payment). 

If you choose to pay by paper check, please mail the check and forms to me:
NB Ajax, 424 Guada Coma, NB TX 78130 


1) TMs are responsible for jersey numbers.  Parents/players are to contact the Tm for their team to get the available numbers (I do not have a list of each team).  Players should not order their kits unless they have gotten with their TM to make sure the number they want is available.  Jerseys with numbers on them CAN NOT be returned :(
2) Samples are available at the fields for players to try on.  I suggest each player do so before ordering. 
3) If a player can still wear their warm up suit, then they can order the MATCH KITS only (a'la carte: 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 1 pair of each of the socks).  The pieces are more expensive this way, but the overall total is less.
4) The ordering deadline to get the uniforms by August tourneys is July 20.  Please note: the longer you take to order, the more chance your order could take longer to process.  If your team is challenging into D1 at the end of July, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to wear the new uniforms.  Please plan accordingly.  I no longer have samples to borrow.  All the samples I lent out last year, have not been returned. I will not have any guest player uniforms to lend out until the end of August  :(
5) Uniforms are ordered directly online; they are paid for online, and are shipped to your home directly.  I do not have any part in the process and do not have any part in the processing or shipping.  Any issues with your order needs to be dealt with directly with  I will only get in involved in severe cases.  Back orders and longer processing times are not severe issues.
The link is open and ready for orders.