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Academy Teams & Registration

COMING SOON!!! Ajax Academy Fall Registration Link

Registration will open again in May for the Fall Season

Ajax Academy U8 – U10


The Ajax Academy program competes against San Antonio and surrounding area teams.  AAYSA, the governing body for the Academy league, dictates that although teams are competing against each other, no standings are recorded.  AAYSA, under the direction of the different club Academy directors, forms leagues for the teams to participate in.  Directors declare the ability level of each Academy team within their club so that they can be placed in divisions consisting of team of similar ability.


Ajax Academy focuses primarily on technical training with some emphasis on small group tactics based upon the level of play.  Technical training is pivotal to the understanding of the game.  We appreciate that winning is important, but individual player development is more important at this age.  Winning is kept in perspective.  Over the years, Ajax has developed an enviable reputation within the league based on the quality of our players and the style of soccer they play.


We encourage our players to not only perform ever-advancing skills and complete a higher number of passes each time they take the field, but also to set the standard for good sportsmanship within the league.


A maximum of 10 players can be registered to a team with a minimum of 6.  If we have available more than 10 players but fewer than 14, we will field only a single team with players selected on a first come, first served basis.  If we have more that 14 players, we will form multiple teams and group players with others of similar ability.  Some exceptions may exist.  Each new season, Ajax coaches will review the progress of players and decide whether players should move between teams.  Teams train 2 nights a week for 1 hour.  We also offer two extra nights of training for Academy players each week - so there are 4 days or training available to our players!  All Academy staff members will try to work with all players at one point in time within the program to maximize the learning opportunities for the players.  This has the added benefit of ensuring that each trainer is familiar enough with each team to cover weekend games and tournaments.


Academy seasons:

June- December ---games occur September – November, expect 8-10 games

January – May ---games occur late February – May, expect 8-10 games

Games are usually played on Saturday.  Some Sunday games are possible due to rainouts or the need to fit more games into the weekends available for play.


  • U8 – Gender Specific 6v6

  • U9 – Gender Specific 7v7

  • U10 - Gender Specific 7v7