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Select Teams

NB Ajax has made great strides since our beginning and have become a well respected select soccer club in South Texas.  In addition to the work with our select players, NB Ajax is hard at work in the community working with recreational teams, youth groups and other organizations promoting youth soccer.

NB Ajax is a close knit organizations whose primary mission is to provide an environment where players can learn the game of soccer in a fashion which will push them to maximize thier potention while supporting each other during the learning process.  The focus is on player development and not necessarily on wins and losses.  We understand that results are important, but at the end of the day, the game score isn't a measure of success, but rather we measure success by how well plaeyrs have developed.

NB Ajax is a volunteer driven organization with expectations of all families who join our community.  In order to support the continued success of our club, our players and parents, we are dependent upon the commitment of all when it comes to fundraising, field days, and other volunteer efforts.  It all goes back to our children and that is why we are here in the first place. 

Check out the Player Parent Handbook below for all the information about our select program. 

NB Ajax Select Soccer

NB Ajax Select Teams

NB Ajax Boys Teams

Select boys teams from U11 to U18

NB Ajax Girls Teams

Select girls teams from U11 to U18