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Our Academy Program  is intended as a bridge from the recreational program your child has been involved with our select / competetitive program.  Utilizing our professional staff, the Academy program helps the avid soccer player fine tune their individual skills while learning to use those skills in a more structured environment.

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NB Ajax Select Soccer

Our on the field philosophy is captured in the word: technique. Technical expertise is the focus of everything we teach, at the center of every training session, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of technical expertise in the area. Once a player masters the ball -- and what he or she can do with it -- they begin to love the game.

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At NB Ajax, we believe winning is the by-product of proper development. We don't believe winning alone will foster enjoyment of the game. We passionately believe in winning the "right way." The "right way" is expansive, skillful soccer with an emphasis on dynamic attacking principles combined with defensive discipline.


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