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Spring Season Kicks Off Saturday, March 7

By NBYSA, 03/06/20, 9:00AM AKST


The NBYSA 2020 Spring season is set to kick off this Saturday and it should be an exciting weekend for all.  As usual it is important to send out a few important notes and reminders to coaches and parents in all age groups.

Game Schedules can be found online by clicking the following link >>> GAME SCHEDULES

Remember all games/times are subject to change.  Please check game schedules frequently.

About NBYSA : Did you know that NBYSA is a 501(c)3 organization that has been around 44 years? All of our Coaches, Age Group Commissioners, and Board of Directors are volunteers who have a goal in mind to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of New Braunfels youth through the sport of soccer. That common goal is our mission statement, and we are proud that we continue to carry on the long tradition of upholding those values. We want to say  "Thank You" to all of the volunteers that have come before us and we welcome anyone who would like to join us to ensure NBYSA remains a great place to play soccer for years to come.

Parking: Please remember to use all designated and available parking at the HEB facility and avoid double parking in consideration of others. Please do not park along Live Oak or jump curbs within the designated parking area. All those who do will be subject to being ticketed and towed at their own expense. Handicap parking spaces are available, if utilizing these spaces please make sure your tags are easily visible.     

Kid Safe Badges/Coaches Training :  If you are a volunteer/coach, NBYSA and STYSA require that you pass a background check, complete the SafeSport online training course, watch the required concussion protocol video via GotSoccer, and wear a Kid Safe badge at all times when coaching games. If you have not picked up your Kid Safe badge yet, please do so this weekend at the HEB Fields concession stand. Remember all assistant coaches and parents who plan on helping out are also required to abide by these rules. If you have questions about your coaches profile or the required background check, please contact your Age Group Commissioner or any board member by visiting our website >>> Visit our Website       

Game Play Team & Spectator Location/Positioning : For all games, coaches and teams will be set up opposite sides of the pitch, allowing for the ease of spectator and coaching interaction. Easily communicated - teams and spectators should set up opposite of one another for the benefit of all.       

Zero Tolerance : NBYSA operates under a Zero Tolerance Policy, which simply states behavior, comments, or actions that endanger or threatens the environment of good sportsmanship and safe play for all soccer participants will not be tolerated. We encourage and expect players and all others alike to conduct themselves in a manner that honors and promotes good sportsmanship for all participants.      

Referees: NBYSA provides referees for U7 Age Groups and above. All other age groups are monitored and refereed by coaches. We ask all participating in either case to maintain a manner that places good sportsmanship at the forefront. (Refer to Zero Tolerance Policy note above)

Suggestions / Complaints: As seems to be the case every year, there is always opportunity for our organization to make changes for the better or to address issues as they may arise. We ask that all suggestions or complaints flow in a manner that is manageable. Our Standard Operating Procedure is: Coach, AGC, Board Members. We always welcome the opportunity for process improvements, so please share any suggestions or complaints. Again, contact information for AGC's and NBYSA Board Members can be located on our website.       

As always a special thanks goes out to all the parents for choosing NBYSA for their kids, and to all the coaches and volunteers for their time. We could not do it without all your help.