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HEB Soccer Field Parking

By NBYSA, 10/06/13, 5:30PM AKDT


Park Only In Designated Parking Spots


New Braunfels Park Rangers will be issuing tickets and will be towing vehicles parking on grass out at the HEB Fields.

Please use all designated and available parking at the HEB facility and avoid double parking in consideration of others. Please do not park along Live Oak or jump curbs within the designated parking area. All those who do will be subject to being ticketed and towed at their own expense.

We schedule parking flow to meet the available parking space @ 1 1/2 hours between start & finish of games.
Sometimes the available space is at the very back of the facility...continue all the way around towards the back.
We have not run into a time that there was no asphalt space available...but have found it "maybe" a bit inconvenient.
Should you be unable to find a space, please let us know and we will evaluate our game scheduling and parking schedule.